For this loan type, the borrowing is fully secured by a member’s savings.

As a secured loan, you can borrow up to the total current savings balance in your account.

Example:  If you have K1,000.00 in your savings account, you can borrow a maximum of K1,000.00.

Under this loan ratio, you can apply multiple times during the same month.


  • K200.00 minimum loan
  • Maximum loan is dependent on available savings.
  • Loan interest charged is 23% per annum.
  • Minimum loan repayment term is 1 month
  • Maximum loan repayment terms is 60 months or 5 years
  • Your savings is used as security and any transfer from savings to loan is subject to approval by NCSL Lending.
  • Online application available on Personal Online Services, Mobile Banking and BIS


  • Secured loan
  • Easily accessible
  • Instant processing
  • Instant access to funds

Loan Processing Timeframe

  • Instant for loan amounts from K200.00 – K50, 000.00
  • 24 hours for loan amount exceeding over K50,000.00.
  • For amounts over K50,000.00, processing timeframe exclude weekends and public holidays.

Fees & Charges

  • K25.00  – approved loans only

How to Apply

We have 2 types of Employer Groups and categories our members into these groups. See Employer Groups provided and supply requirements accordingly.

Employer Group 1 – Employed members

  • Completed application form signed by member and endorsed by employer;
  • 3 recent pay slips
  • Bank statement (if first time applicant or new bank account);
  • Copy of identification card (if first time applicant).
  • Loans over K50,000.00 requires statement of financial position.
  • Online application available on Personal Online Services.

Employer Group 2 – Self Employed

  • Completed application form signed by member
  • Bank account statement for 12 months for loans over K50, 000.00
  • Statement of Financial Position for loans over K50, 000.00
  • Valid ID
  • Online application available on Personal Online Services.

NCSL encourages members to submit online applications, If unsure, click here.

Approved loans are deposited into the member’s Poro Account for accessing using Poro Card.

If you do not have a Poro Card, inquire with our Call Centre Team by clicking here.


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