Poro Card Update

Poro Card Update

Poro Card Update

Dear Members

The Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loan Society Limited (ncsl) decided to shut down our IT system on Wednesday 01st March 2023 after we detected a security threat. As a result, our core banking system and customer facing online services were affected. Prudent action has ensured the safety of our system and the resumption of our online member services.

As a safeguard the Poro Card platform was taken offline. At present, Poro cards cannot be used on any Point-of-Sale terminals in shops or on ATMs. We are working to restore this service in the coming weeks and ask our members for their continued patience.

Should members wish to access funds from their Poro Card Account, they can initiate a manual transfer to their commercial bank account either online or at the nearest ncsl branch. We continue to work towards a solution for Poro Card users. We recognise and apologise for the inconvenience to our members. Regular updates will continue.

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