ncsl offers its members a smarter and easier alternative to banks and other deposit-taking institutions. This alternative is smarter due to the availability of diverse saving options, and easier because we deliver a more approachable, personalised, and easily accessible service for our clients.

In 2004, ncsl had 18,164 members and this has grown significantly over the subsequent 15 years, with the current membership exceeding 130,000 contributors across the nation.

ncsl has led the other savings and loan societies in Papua New Guinea (PNG) through consistent membership growth and introduction of innovative services to improve and enhance customer service for the convenience of its members. It continues to provide attractive savings and loan products which are reviewed annually by Management to ensure our product offering is suitable and affordable to meet short-term financial needs of its members.

As a member of PNG’s Federation of Savings & Loan Society (FESALOS), ncsl’s mission is to improve the quality of our members’ lives through security, returns, services and product range we offer.

Annually, ncsl averages a 5.5% interest yield on member’s savings accounts.

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