NCSL has a Management Team that fully understands the growing needs of its customers and their financial requirements.

Our Management Team is dedicated to ensuring that NCSL’s customers’ needs are fully met in all departments.

Frans Kootte

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Raimo

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Loggia

General Manager Operations & ICT

Maranuf Tataeng

Chief Member Services Officer

Venessa Vee

Head of Legal & Corporate Secretary

Kisakiu Poawai

Head of Risk & Compliance

Henry Pupu

Head of Human Resource

John Pulu

Head of Information Technology

Edwin Mondo, CPA

Manager Finance

Bernard Matlaun

Manager Lending

Lawes Omeri

Manager Relationships


Manager Products Management

Gila Ebenosi

Manager Digital Services & Call Centre

Evelove Farapo

Team Lead Marketing & Client Relations

Joshua Isimel

Team Leader
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