Electronic services

Electronic services

Manage your accounts and transactions securely online with the following electronic services from ncsl:

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Apply for SMS Alerts

quicker way to check balance, withdraw, or apply for 1:1 loans. A service fee will be charged by the service provider.

Members can now scan their finger print to instantly view and access their personal account details, apply for savings withdrawal loans.

To register your finger print, visit your nearest ncsl branch.

receive instant alerts on the progress of your loan, savings withdrawal application and contribution notification.

Other electronic services
Banking details
Banking details

ncsl charges the following transaction fees;

  • K20.00 – new membership (one off cost)
  • K25.00 – loan processing or 0.1% for 1:2 loans of K25,000.00 and above (applicable to approved loans only)
  • K1.00 – per savings withdrawal transaction
  • K20.00 – exit fee for refund of savings
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