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NCSL Supports defending champions, Touch Football PNG to the XVII Pacific Games

PORT MORESBY: Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loan Society (NCSL) was pleased to support our
defending champions, Touch Football PNG to the XVII Pacific Games in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Touch Football National Coach, Peter Stoddart said “we are grateful for the support received as this goes
a long way. Your support will assist us in our goal to defend our title and bring the gold back to our

His sentiment was shared by Founder of Touch Football PNG, Joseph Yore. Mr Yore said the team was a
contributor to the medal tally of the country and attributed the success of the team to support received
from sponsors.

“When you support Touch Football, you support and encourage many young people who come from
broken homes and all walks of life to do something meaningful in their lives. We thank you for your
support,” he said.

With the games scheduled to be held between 19 November and 2 December, NCSL would like to wish
our defending champions the best in their quest to be the first sporting code in the country to win backto-back gold in the women’s, men’s and mixed divisions

Media Release

NCSL Member Grows Savings with Penny Tin Savings.

PORT MORESBY: Penny box or tin savings may seem old fashioned but you’ll be amazed with how much you’ve saved when you open it. A long time NCSL member was thrilled to share how her savings with NCSL grew through the penny tin savings method in one year.

Chantelle Mumbru from Port Moresby started the savings challenge in 2022 to see how much she would save by year end. The purpose of the savings challenge was for an immediate or unexpected financial need.

“I started the money challenge last year to save for the rainy day. A colleague shared a spreadsheet which comprised of different amounts, and I took interest to take up K3 challenge daily, but I got excited and started putting away more in the penny tin. Apart from my fortnightly contributions to my savings account, I wanted a little extra to add to my savings at the end of the year,” she shared.

“I opened the box in December and was surprised to see I saved over K4, 000. I used half for Christmas festivities and the other half was deposited into my General Savings account for my future needs. I
started again this year with K5 challenge and can’t wait to see how much I saved,” she said.

Through her experience, Chantelle is encouraging others to start a savings culture whether from a penny box or small sales and have the savings put into their savings account to grow.

“It doesn’t matter how much you start with. Consistency and self-discipline are key to achieving your goal. You can start with any amount and increase your contributions. Always remember to deposit some of the proceeds into a savings account where it earns interest and grows. Don’t keep it in the box/tin, you must remember to deposit your funds inside a savings account for it to grow. Think long term,” Chantelle concluded.

NCSL encourages regular and voluntary contributions for that immediate and unexpected need. Members can choose to save in any of the savings accounts for their financial needs.

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