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NCSL Temporary office closure – CIVIL UNREST

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Apply for 1:2 & 1:5 loan same day approval

  • 3 recent pay slips
  • Statements of Financials
  • Employerss Letter confirming long service leave entitlements

ncsl waigani member service centre now accepts 1:2 & 1:5 loan applications as of tuesday, 1st August 2023 to Thursday 31st August 2023.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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ncsl welcomes new Manager E-Banking and Manager Finance

ncsl is excited to welcome its new Manager E-Banking, Gila Ebenosi and Manager Finance, Edwin Mondo to the team.

Gila comes across from BSP Financial Group Limited and possesses more than 12 years of experience in Digital Banking, Project Management, IT and Retail Banking within the banking and financial services industry.

He joined the team in May 2023 as Manager E-Banking and will oversee all electronic banking functions from product development to customer service delivery.

He is excited to share his experiences in Retail and Digital Banking and be part of ncsl’s growth aspirations through innovation and improving members’ experience.

“The best part of working in a new environment is that you get to work alongside the very people that share a common goal and interest in delivering the best e-Banking services and be part of building and influencing positive outcomes for ncsl and its members,” he said.

Manager Finance, Edwin Mondo brings onboard over 13 years of experience with various firms including Santos, his immediate past employer.

His expertise includes Budgeting, General Ledger Reconciliation, External Audit, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.

“With the experiences and connections built over a decade of working with the Big4 accounting firms and other organizations, I am looking forward to bringing these to ncsl and contribute where I possibly can bring the best out of my staff and in turn, continue to bring positive results for our members,” he said.

ncsl Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Presley Semi said “The market has a shortage of top talent and ncsl is fortunate to secure the services of two well experienced and enterprising young Papua New Guineans. We look forward to their contribution to building a positive organisational culture and driving the growth of the business so we can deliver on our members’ expectations.”

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ncsl engages with members in NCD and Morobe

Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loan (ncsl) has hosted members conferences in Lae and Port Moresby last week.

The Port Moresby conference was held on Wednesday the 10th of May at the Hilton Hotel. Participants, comprising of numerous business houses, were addressed by Chairman Ian Tarutia, and Chief Executive Officer Vari Lahui, as well as other senior managers.

Following the conference in Port Moresby, Chairman Tarutia said, “This has been a challenging second quarter in light of recent IT issues. This engagement was very important in that it gave employers an opportunity to speak directly with our team, especially during the Q&A session at the end of our presentations. We were also able to discuss remedial actions currently underway to restore full services for our members, including the important Poro Card service. We shared ncsl’s strong results for 2022, delivering an overall crediting rate of 6% to our members. This is something we are very proud of.”

On Thursday the 11th of May, ncsl held conference in Lae. Members were represented by their employers. The conference was hosted at the Lae International Hotel and was well attended. The ncsl team was led by CEO Vari Lahui, who presented updates on remedial action being taken by ncsl to address issues with the online portal, Poro Card system and USSD service. The 2022 financial results were also shared.

The ncsl team paid a visit to Ramu Agri Industries Limited on Friday the 12th of May. Ramu Agri Industries Ltd, located in the Ramu Valley is part of the New Britain Palm Oil Group, the largest private sector employer in Papua New Guinea with over 24,000 employees.

At all engagements ncsl CEO Vari Lahui was pleased to report consistency in ncsl’s performance with a 5.7% average crediting rate paid to members over the past five years. “Despite challenging economic conditions during the period, we maintained a strong performance record, providing consistent returns to our members. We acknowledge that the last few months have been difficult for our members given IT challenges that have impacted our service offering. We have improved our customer care services with the establishment of a call centre and are monitoring our official social media channels to improve customer experience for our members.”

During each engagement, members were assured that despite the system outage, member funds are safe with most services restored, with access to e-Banking Services back to normal and no impact to the Core Banking System.

ncsl continues to grow from strength to strength and remains committed to supporting the aspirations of members, by delivering essential and affordable financial services.

Pictured below is ncsl Chairman, Ian Tarutia, OBE.

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Take note That the 8th Annual General Meeting of the NASFUND Contributors savings & loan society limited will be convened as provided hereunder:


Wednesday 31st May 2023

Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm

Venue: Grecian & Venetian Rooms, LAMANA HOTEL – PORT MORESBY


  • 1. Opening prayer
  • 2. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
  • 3. Chairman’s Report
  • 4. Management Report
  • 5. Presentation of 2022 Audited Financial Statement
  • 6. AOB

To Register your Attendance, Email:

Authorised by Management

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Delay in payments to Members with BSP Accounts

Dear Valued Members,

We continue to experience issues with processing payments via BSP. We are anow processing payments to our BSP members accounts via Kina Bank. This may cause a slight delay in funds being credited to members BSP accounts, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Members are advised to provide bank accounts in alternate commercial banks for faster processing.

We are working closely with Kina Bank and BSP to manage this process.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Authorized by Management

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2023 Employer Presentation



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ncsl announces K16.1M Profit and Interest Crediting Rate of 6.0%

Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loan (ncsl) continues strong income and profitability momentum
delivering a healthy crediting rate of 6% to members, despite a challenging economic backdrop.
The ncsl Board has approved an interest crediting rate of 6% to ncsl members for the financial year
ending 31 December 2022.
This equates to K 14.9 million that will be allocated to the savings accounts of over 142,000 members.
During 2022 ncsl paid an interim interest of 1.2% to members’ savings, equating to K 3 million. After
statutory reserving of 20%, ncsl will be paying an additional 4.8 % or K 11.9 million in interest to members.
This is a total of 6% for the 2022 financial year equating to a total of K 14.9 million interest on savings for
ncsl members.
Other highlights for 2022 were:
* Total Assets increased by 9.1% to K 312.5 million
* Net Asset Value increased by 15.8% to K 38.5 million
* Revenue from core business increased by just over 6.6% to K 29.4 million
* Total Revenue increased by 8.5% to K 39.5 million.
* Net Profit increased by 16.4% to K 16.1 million (after expenses including interim Interest Payment to
Members and Loan Provisioning)
* Sound General Reserves increased by 20.3% to K 24.8 million,
* Interim Interest Payments to Members increased by 9.6% to K3.0 million.
* Total membership increased by 0.4% to 142,340 members
* Members Savings increased by 8.2 % to K 267.9 million.
* Net Loan portfolio increased by 9.6% to K 139.4 million

NCSL’s final interest crediting rate of 6.0% is above the average crediting rate of 5.5% paid to members
over the last 5 years and maintains ncsl’s record of providing strong, positive, and consistent returns on member funds deposited with ncsl. With steadily increasing membership, ncsl is one of the largest
Savings and Loan Societies in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Region.
NCSL Chairman Mr Tarutia said, “NCSL continues to grow from strength to strength, and remains
committed to supporting the aspirations of our members by delivering essential and affordable financial
services. I thank the Chief Executive Officer, Vari Lahui and his hard-working team for delivering these
strong results over 2022 for the benefit of our members.”




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