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NCSL announces 2023 Profit of K 9.7 million

At its Board meeting on Friday, 22nd March 2024, NASFUND Contributors Savings and Loan Limited (NCSL) received the audited accounts for 2023 and announced a net profit of K 9.7 million for the 2023 financial year.

After 20% statutory reserving, this will be credited overnight to the savings accounts of the more than 147,000 members and paid in addition to the current interest rates which members are already receiving on their savings accounts.

This is a total of 4.15% for the 2023 financial year equating to K 11.6 million in interest on savings for NCSL members.

Other Financial highlights of 2023 were:

· Total Assets increased by 1.4% to K 316 million.

· Net Assets of K36.3 million.

· General Reserves increased by 8.2% to K 25.8 million,

· Total membership increased by 3.1% to 146,765 members,

· Members Savings increased by 2.5 % to K 274.5 million,

· Net Loan portfolio increased by 9.6% to K 152.8 million.

NCSL’s Chairman, Christopher Elphick thanked the support, patience, and trust which NCSL received from its members over 2023. During the year an extensive remediation process to improve Information Technology Risk Management was successfully undertaken.

The NCSL Board approved and embarked on a significant upgrade to its core systems to ensure modern digital offerings for its growing membership nationwide. A new call-centre system has been implemented so member queries are promptly answered. This includes NCSL employees receiving improved training with a more customer centric focus.

Elphick thanked his dedicated NCSL team and stated, NCSL remains committed to delivering modern digital services and affordable financial services to its members.

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There Is Power In Savings

There is power in savings whether it’s from your fortnightly salary or a side hustle, says NCSL Member,
Joycelyn Mautu who opened her savings account with NCSL in 2021 when she began her formal
employment in Port Moresby.
Living in the city is expensive and so you must be disciplined in the way you handle your money, she shared.
Ms. Mautu who is employed by PNG Chamber of Resources and Energy, has been actively contributing a
part of her salary fortnightly and whenever she has some extra money, she puts it away in her savings
accounts to assist with her immediate and future needs.
“Emergency situations are inevitable and can happen at any time. Having savings parked aside gives me that
feel of security, and I am glad I have something to fall back on when I need it the most. And as an advice for
young people who are still in school, start practicing a savings culture today as it will help you with your
education needs and can meet the cost of your other expenses.
It is important that when you grow up, to know how to save and how to manage your money,” she said.
Being an NCSL member, Ms Mautu enjoys interests paid annually into her savings account. She is always
eager to check her balance at the end of each month to track her savings performance and the interest paid
into her account.
And if it is required, she can obtain a loan which is easier when she can show being able to set money aside
to save.
“So far, so good. I am very pleased with how I am managing my finances through saving with NCSL,” Ms.
Mautu concluded.

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Tumla Investment signs LSL MOA With NCSL

We are delighted to partner with Tumla Investment Limited under a Memorandum of Agreement to provide a Long Service Leave (LSL) Savings Account to eligible Tumla employees.

The savings account will accommodate Tumla employees’ LSL entitlements, where 80% of the net LSL for individual employees will be transferred to NCSL upon voluntary membership registration.

The Society will manage Tumla employees LSL entitlements until members employment with the company is terminated or member reaches 15 years term of service with Tumla. Members LSL accounts will also earn an annual interest.

Tumla Investment’s Managing Director, Irad Nadi expressed, the LSL savings product is a great initiative for the staff who take a little more once they leave or retire from formal employment.

Speaking about the collaboration, NCSL Chief Officer Member Services, Maranuf Tataeng shared, “NCSL is proud to partner with Tumla to provide such a vital service to its staff. By offering accessible and reliable financial services, NCSL continues to support employers who are concerned about their employees’ financial wellbeing.

Tumla Investment Limited Managing Director, Irad Nadi and NCSL Chief Officer Member Services with the signed agreement.

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In a proactive effort to enhance customer service and deepen product understanding, Nasfund Contributors Savings & Loan Society (NCSL) recently conducted a first-ever, three-day Branch Network Workshop for its dedicated Customer Service Officers (CSOs) from the branches. 
The workshop was hosted at Lamana Hotel from Thursday 7 March to Saturday 9 March. It focused on upskilling CSOs and equipping them with essential knowledge in sales fundamentals, customer service excellence, business relationship management, and an understanding of NCSL’s diverse product and service offerings. 
The workshop themed, “Change is Me,” emphasized the importance of continuous learning and utilizing their skills to provide excellent customer service. The CSOs were also encouraged to embrace change as an opportunity for growth and personal development.

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NCSL Participates in Va’a Day

We were proud to participate in the Va’a Day Challenge at Lancron Naval Base in Port Moresby on Saturday, 09 March 2024.

Our teams, NCSL Poro and Mavericks were among 13 other corporate organizations who came together to support the fundraising event by PNG Canoeing Association. Funds raised from this goes towards supporting team PNG to the mini–Pacific Games in Palau, 2025 and the Pacific Games in Tahiti, 2027.

Our participation saw both Poro and Mavericks finish in the semi finals. What a great result having only two trainning sessions!

It was a fun filled day of team bonding, networking and great sportsmanship displayed by all teams!

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NCSL Supports defending champions, Touch Football PNG to the XVII Pacific Games

PORT MORESBY: Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loan Society (NCSL) was pleased to support our
defending champions, Touch Football PNG to the XVII Pacific Games in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Touch Football National Coach, Peter Stoddart said “we are grateful for the support received as this goes
a long way. Your support will assist us in our goal to defend our title and bring the gold back to our

His sentiment was shared by Founder of Touch Football PNG, Joseph Yore. Mr Yore said the team was a
contributor to the medal tally of the country and attributed the success of the team to support received
from sponsors.

“When you support Touch Football, you support and encourage many young people who come from
broken homes and all walks of life to do something meaningful in their lives. We thank you for your
support,” he said.

With the games scheduled to be held between 19 November and 2 December, NCSL would like to wish
our defending champions the best in their quest to be the first sporting code in the country to win backto-back gold in the women’s, men’s and mixed divisions

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NCSL Member Grows Savings with Penny Tin Savings.

PORT MORESBY: Penny box or tin savings may seem old fashioned but you’ll be amazed with how much you’ve saved when you open it. A long time NCSL member was thrilled to share how her savings with NCSL grew through the penny tin savings method in one year.

Chantelle Mumbru from Port Moresby started the savings challenge in 2022 to see how much she would save by year end. The purpose of the savings challenge was for an immediate or unexpected financial need.

“I started the money challenge last year to save for the rainy day. A colleague shared a spreadsheet which comprised of different amounts, and I took interest to take up K3 challenge daily, but I got excited and started putting away more in the penny tin. Apart from my fortnightly contributions to my savings account, I wanted a little extra to add to my savings at the end of the year,” she shared.

“I opened the box in December and was surprised to see I saved over K4, 000. I used half for Christmas festivities and the other half was deposited into my General Savings account for my future needs. I
started again this year with K5 challenge and can’t wait to see how much I saved,” she said.

Through her experience, Chantelle is encouraging others to start a savings culture whether from a penny box or small sales and have the savings put into their savings account to grow.

“It doesn’t matter how much you start with. Consistency and self-discipline are key to achieving your goal. You can start with any amount and increase your contributions. Always remember to deposit some of the proceeds into a savings account where it earns interest and grows. Don’t keep it in the box/tin, you must remember to deposit your funds inside a savings account for it to grow. Think long term,” Chantelle concluded.

NCSL encourages regular and voluntary contributions for that immediate and unexpected need. Members can choose to save in any of the savings accounts for their financial needs.

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PORT MORESBY: NCSL is pleased to announce a Long Service Leave (LSL) savings product in
partnership with DuluxGroup PNG.

Both parties agreed under a memorandum of understanding, to provide an LSL Savings Account to
all eligible Dulux employees. The savings account will accommodate employee LSL entitlements,
where 80% of net LSL for individual employees will be transferred to ncsl upon voluntary
membership registration. The Society will manage Dulux employees LSL entitlements until members
employment with the company is terminated or member reaches 15 years term of service with Dulux.
This savings product will earn interest but is subject to its terms and conditions.
As the preferred Savings & Loan Society, NCSL was preselected by Dulux to have the savings product
purposely developed to financially assist its employees meet their financial obligations. This first of
its kind product was proposed by Dulux as a benefit for its staff. It has taken months of review,
multiple discussions and system developments at ncsl to ensure that the LSL product is now available
for Dulux employees.

Dulux General Manager, Simon Barstow said “Dulux employees have had a relationship with ncsl for
many years. NCSL is a trusted partner and we are looking to expand our relationship via the new
product to benefit our employees.”

Barstow also highlighted that currently the LSL does not earn any interest at Dulux, and they are very
happy to know that this accrued LSL will earn very good interest rates at NCSL.

“This will help build up the value of the LSL, which then is an asset that employees have for
retirement, medical, house purchases, kids education etc. This new product is part of Dulux’s
commitment to provide financial literacy training and support for all our employees with their
financial goals. In emergencies NCSL can process loans against this LSL very quickly which again
benefits employees,” he concluded.

Furthermore, NCSL Acting Chief Executive Officer, Keith Raimo said, “We are pleased to go into this
arrangement with Dulux to manage its employees’ LSL entitlements. NCSL is always looking for
innovative ways to provide better products and services for our members. In this instance, Dulux, as
a concerned employer, proactively reached out to ncsl to discuss value added benefits that we could
provide to their employees. We are very happy with the launch of this product and look forward to
providing similar products for other employers as well”

The LSL product will be officially launched later in October at the Dulux head office in Lae with NCSL
to implement product awareness at all Dulux sites throughout the country thereafter. NCSL will be
serving over 150 Dulux employees and are proud to be working with such a caring organization to
provide this amazing product.

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ncsl engages with members in NCD and Morobe

Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loan (ncsl) has hosted members conferences in Lae and Port Moresby last week.

The Port Moresby conference was held on Wednesday the 10th of May at the Hilton Hotel. Participants, comprising of numerous business houses, were addressed by Chairman Ian Tarutia, and Chief Executive Officer Vari Lahui, as well as other senior managers.

Following the conference in Port Moresby, Chairman Tarutia said, “This has been a challenging second quarter in light of recent IT issues. This engagement was very important in that it gave employers an opportunity to speak directly with our team, especially during the Q&A session at the end of our presentations. We were also able to discuss remedial actions currently underway to restore full services for our members, including the important Poro Card service. We shared ncsl’s strong results for 2022, delivering an overall crediting rate of 6% to our members. This is something we are very proud of.”

On Thursday the 11th of May, ncsl held conference in Lae. Members were represented by their employers. The conference was hosted at the Lae International Hotel and was well attended. The ncsl team was led by CEO Vari Lahui, who presented updates on remedial action being taken by ncsl to address issues with the online portal, Poro Card system and USSD service. The 2022 financial results were also shared.

The ncsl team paid a visit to Ramu Agri Industries Limited on Friday the 12th of May. Ramu Agri Industries Ltd, located in the Ramu Valley is part of the New Britain Palm Oil Group, the largest private sector employer in Papua New Guinea with over 24,000 employees.

At all engagements ncsl CEO Vari Lahui was pleased to report consistency in ncsl’s performance with a 5.7% average crediting rate paid to members over the past five years. “Despite challenging economic conditions during the period, we maintained a strong performance record, providing consistent returns to our members. We acknowledge that the last few months have been difficult for our members given IT challenges that have impacted our service offering. We have improved our customer care services with the establishment of a call centre and are monitoring our official social media channels to improve customer experience for our members.”

During each engagement, members were assured that despite the system outage, member funds are safe with most services restored, with access to e-Banking Services back to normal and no impact to the Core Banking System.

ncsl continues to grow from strength to strength and remains committed to supporting the aspirations of members, by delivering essential and affordable financial services.

Pictured below is ncsl Chairman, Ian Tarutia, OBE.

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ncsl announces K16.1M Profit and Interest Crediting Rate of 6.0%

Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loan (ncsl) continues strong income and profitability momentum delivering a healthy crediting rate of 6% to members, despite a challenging economic backdrop. The ncsl Board has approved an interest crediting rate of 6% to ncsl members for the financial year ending 31 December 2022.

This equates to K 14.9 million that will be allocated to the savings accounts of over 142,000 members. During 2022 ncsl paid an interim interest of 1.2% to members’ savings, equating to K 3 million. After statutory reserving of 20%, ncsl will be paying an additional 4.8 % or K 11.9 million in interest to members. This is a total of 6% for the 2022 financial year equating to a total of K 14.9 million interest on savings for ncsl members.

Other highlights for 2022 were:
* Total Assets increased by 9.1% to K 312.5 million
* Net Asset Value increased by 15.8% to K 38.5 million
* Revenue from core business increased by just over 6.6% to K 29.4 million
* Total Revenue increased by 8.5% to K 39.5 million.
* Net Profit increased by 16.4% to K 16.1 million (after expenses including interim Interest Payment to Members and Loan Provisioning)
* Sound General Reserves increased by 20.3% to K 24.8 million,
* Interim Interest Payments to Members increased by 9.6% to K3.0 million.
* Total membership increased by 0.4% to 142,340 members
* Members Savings increased by 8.2 % to K 267.9 million.
* Net Loan portfolio increased by 9.6% to K 139.4 million
NCSL’s final interest crediting rate of 6.0% is above the average crediting rate of 5.5% paid to members over the last 5 years and maintains ncsl’s record of providing strong, positive, and consistent returns on member funds deposited with ncsl. With steadily increasing membership, ncsl is one of the largest Savings and Loan Societies in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Region.

NCSL Chairman Mr Tarutia said, “NCSL continues to grow from strength to strength, and remains committed to supporting the aspirations of our members by delivering essential and affordable financial services. I thank the Chief Executive Officer, Vari Lahui and his hard-working team for delivering these strong results over 2022 for the benefit of our members.”




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