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There Is Power In Savings

There is power in savings whether it’s from your fortnightly salary or a side hustle, says NCSL Member,
Joycelyn Mautu who opened her savings account with NCSL in 2021 when she began her formal
employment in Port Moresby.
Living in the city is expensive and so you must be disciplined in the way you handle your money, she shared.
Ms. Mautu who is employed by PNG Chamber of Resources and Energy, has been actively contributing a
part of her salary fortnightly and whenever she has some extra money, she puts it away in her savings
accounts to assist with her immediate and future needs.
“Emergency situations are inevitable and can happen at any time. Having savings parked aside gives me that
feel of security, and I am glad I have something to fall back on when I need it the most. And as an advice for
young people who are still in school, start practicing a savings culture today as it will help you with your
education needs and can meet the cost of your other expenses.
It is important that when you grow up, to know how to save and how to manage your money,” she said.
Being an NCSL member, Ms Mautu enjoys interests paid annually into her savings account. She is always
eager to check her balance at the end of each month to track her savings performance and the interest paid
into her account.
And if it is required, she can obtain a loan which is easier when she can show being able to set money aside
to save.
“So far, so good. I am very pleased with how I am managing my finances through saving with NCSL,” Ms.
Mautu concluded.

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